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What does Goldendoodle actually mean?

„The Goldendoodle is a cross-breed dog, obtained by breeding a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. The name, which alters „poodle“ to „doodle“ by analogy to „Labradoodle“, another poodle cross, was coined in 1992.“ – Wikipedia

Depending on the size of the poodle, there’re 3 types of Goldendoodles:

» Standard Goldendoodle = Golden Retriever + Standard Poodle

» Medium or Moyen Goldendoodle = Golden Retriever + Miniature Poodle

» Miniature Goldendoodle = Golden Retriever + Toy Poodle

What kind of Goldendoodle is Karl?

Karl ist a F1 Medium Goldendoodle. F1 means he’s the direct offspring of a golden retriever (his mom) and a poodle (his dad) giving 50% golden retriever and 50% poodle mix. 

Beyond F1, there’s also F2 Goldendoodles. In this case, two F1 Goldendoodles are bred. 

F1B Goldendoodles are the offspring of a F1 Goldendoodle and a poodle. 

There’s also F2B Goldendoodles, where F1B Goldendoodle is bred with a F1 Goldendoodle OR F2 Goldendoodle is bred with a poodle. 

There are also some cross-breeds between different types of Doodles (for example Labradoodle and a Goldendoodle). A serious breeder should provide exact information on the puppies parents.

According to my research, it’s better to stick with a F1 or F2 Goldendoodles, since over breeding can lead to health problems.

Which breeder is Karl from?

We live in Germany, so we got Karl from a breeder named Benedikt Bomholt.

We wrote an article on our experience with this breeder, but it’s only in German for now. 

What's Karls height and weight?

Since Goldendoodles are a cross-breed, it’s hard to make exact predictions on their size and weight. However, a Medium (Moyen) Goldendoodle should end up being around 1,3 ft and 33 lbs. 

How much does a Goldendoodle cost?

That depends on the breeder, but according to our research they can cost up to 2.500 Dollars. The reason for this comparatively high price is the high demand and the breeding cost, since the insemination has to be done artificially. 

How to find the right Goldendoodle breeder?

Due to high demand, you should be careful when choosing a breeder. Ask for recommendations and look into the breeders website etc. Instagram is a good place to start your research, where you can get to talk to Goldendoodle owners. There are also Facebook Groups for Goldendoodle owners, so find one in your country and start connecting.

Is it true that Goldendoodles don't shed?

Most Goldendoodles do have a low to non-shedding coat. While the degree of shedding varies from dog to dog, overall, the Goldendoodle exhibits less shedding than other dogs. Grooming requirements include regular haircuts, bathing, and brushing. 

Are Goldendoodles really hypoallergenic?

We cannot talk to this from personal experience, since none of us is allergic to dogs, but yes, Goldendoodles are often looked to as dogs that can also be enjoyed by people with allergies. 

If you happen to be allergic to dogs, ask for others peoples experiences, for example in a Facebook Group. Maybe you can even find a person with a Goldendoodle near you, so you can test it for yourself. Bear in mind, however, that each dog is different! 

We’ll expand this section, as we get more and more questions! If there’s something you’d like to know, please leave us a comment or send us a message over on Instagram.